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Instrument designs by
Murray Kuun
of Designs Unlimited, Johannesburg

I first became aware of Murray Kuun's extraordinary creativity in designing instruments some years ago when he first contacted me about his work and the violins he makes. This is someone who thinks out of the box...

When he sent me some photos of his electric violins and guitars, I couldn't resist putting this material on the site and showing his amazingly beautiful work on guitars and yes - violins...

For about nine years, Kuun constructed violins ranging from the 18th century classical instrument to the hand-carved, jacaranda-based X-bow, which resembled a futuristic crossbow more than a violin. Three years ago he moved into the world of archtops and acoustics. In a short amount of time, Kuun has developed several models, including the Norma Jean Family guitars dedicated to his favorite American actress, Norma Jeane Mortenson - a.k.a. Marilyn Monroe. His guitars maintain a more traditional look and feel compared to some of his violins. "I consider myself an artist and designer rather than a technician," says Kuun. "Most of the changes I've made are aesthetic. I generally use traditional bracing and building techniques until recently with my Moon and Stars Classical."

Murray makes instruments on commission. Contact him directly for anything you may like him to make, or to see what he has available.

Contact him via his website or send him email on



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