Ref :   0638

A hybrid German violin/viola bow, probably by
The Schuster Company
Circa 1910

I knew of the existence of hybrid violin/viola bows, but had never seen one, since they are not common. At first it was thought that this is a viola bow, yet the weight and measurements were unusual for a pure viola bow. Compared to a standard violin bow, it was too heavy. A closer examination showed that all measurements and the weight of this bow was exactly between those of a violin bow and viola bow.

Such bows are known to have been made by the Schuster company (a large German studio) for musicians who played both viola and violin and who switched between the two instruments, but who wanted to use the same bow. One can assume that such bows were usually made on special commission and not as a matter of course.

This is an old, well-used and well-worn bow. The identifiers are so completely worn away that reading the information is virtually impossible. The frog has a crest stamped into the left flank, but this likewise is worn into illegibility. The Schuster company usually stamped their emblem at that place on the frog. The worn emblem looks like it could be that of Schuster.

This can be considered as a heavy violin bow or a light viola bow. The playing characteristics on both violin and viola are satisfying.

Weight :
  64.1 g

The Stick :
  Octagonal, of dark pernambuco.

The Nut :
  Ebony, Parisian eye. Original to the bow. Matching adjuster button, probably the original.

Mountings :

Wrapping :
  Silver wrapping. Black leather thumbpad.

Tip Slide :
  Bone, later.

Condition :
  Excellent condition.

Provenance :
  This was a part of the personal collection of a professional violinist/violist, Roger Buczynski, who passed away in 2010.

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