Ref :   0637

An excellent English violin bow by
Stephen Bristow
Stamped 'J. S. Rameau'
Oxfordshire, 1975

There is to my knowledge no bow maker named J. S. Rameau. This bow is the work of Stephen Bristow, possibly in association with John Clutterbuck. Both makers were apprenticed by the firm of W. E. Hill & Sons in the 1960s. Later on, after the closure of the Hill firm, they began working independently, but also set up a company together in Oxfordshire, producing bows stamped J. S. Rameau. The 'J. S' is a function of their first names.

This bow has the following identifiers stamped on the shaft under the frog: SB/75//57 and inside the frog: 7/75/SB indicating the maker as Stephen Bristow, and the bow as being made in 1975.

This bow follows the traditional model used by many of the Hill master bowmakers - the frog is without underslide and set directly into a rebate in the stick - wood on wood. This practice results in a very firm fit of the frog, preventing it from sideward rolling on the stick. This same technique is also used by John Stagg and John Clutterbuck.

This bow represents excellent workmanship of the highest standard and has all the playing properties one could wish for in a good bow.

The frog is of horn, or very dark tortoise-shell.

Weight :
  60.6 g

The Stick :
  Octagonal, of high grade red pernambuco.

The Nut :
  Horn, or dark tortoise shell. Parisian eye. Matching adjuster button.

Mountings :

Wrapping :
  Whalebone. Black leather thumbpad.

Tip Facing :

Condition :
  Impeccable. Slight wear on the thumbpad.

Provenance :

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