Ref :   0611

An excellent student violin of
Taiwanese Origin (David LIEN)
Taipei, 2007

I first came across this violin in 2007 and was immediately impressed by it, not only for its unusual beauty and fine workmanship, but also for its big, healthy and beautiful tone. It was part of a group of four instruments that had been selected from a studio in Taiwan and brought to South Africa.

This violin was made under the supervision of David Lien, who completed his violinmaking apprenticeship in Cremona and whose work as violinmaker follows Cremonese traditions. He is one of a young generation of Chinese makers who acquired high proficiency in Europe, but who chose to return to their own land to pursue their craft. David Lien has earned an important following in the West and his output is highly regarded in all areas.

This violin is made of exceptionally attractive materials: the two-piece back is truly beautiful - a well-flamed maple with a distinct narrow curl is used and the same wood is repeated in the sides, neck and scroll. The scroll is really nicely flamed. The top is of medium grained tone-spruce with broadening grain to the flanks. The purfling is superbly traced with excellent work in all 8 corners. The varnish is a warm golden honey colour - reminiscent of the Neapolitan makers in Italy. The fittings are of ebony with a parisian eye.

Take time over the photos - this is a really nice violin.

The tonal property is a good match for this instrument - it is big and rewarding in all the registers.


Dimensions :
  Back length: 35.6 cm

Condition :
  Excellent. As new.

Provenance :
  This violin was initially sold to a very talented student who recently acquired a fine violin, and who now wishes to sell this instrument.

Price : Withheld


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