Ref :   0609

A fine violin of unknown origin
Probably French
Fitted with a replica Antonio Guadagnini label
Circa 1850 - 1860

Until it was recently found that this violin's label is a reproduction of an existing label of Antonio Guadagnini's, it provoked strongly divergent opinions among those who have seen it, examined it and played on it. Even recently, when the instrument was taken to Germany, could no clarity be obtained about its origin.

Everything recommends it as a fine violin made by a master craftsman. The first impression is that this is a French violin, because of the deep wine-red varnish and the black edging on the scroll. The corners and f-holes are not typical of what is known in other instruments by Ant. Guadagnini.

The violin dates from the mid- to late -19th century. The first feature that impresses is the choice of materials - all excellent. Everything about this violin shows a steady and experienced hand - the scroll is magnificent, powerful but balanced and elegant. Corner-work in the purfling is truly excellent and the bee-stings are immaculate. The wine-red varnish is soft and worn at the usual places. The f-holes are crisp and in beautiful harmony with the modelling.

The tone matches the visual appeal of this violin - responsive and balanced throughout the register, with a nice and clean purity one would associate with a really fine violin.


Dimensions :
  35.7 cm

Condition :
  Excellent condition. No cracks or discernable repairs. The violin appears original in all its parts. Varnish worn in the usual places.

Provenance :

Price : On request


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