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A good violin bow by
Adolf C. Schuster
(1890 - 1947)
Circa 1930

The Schuster family of violinmakers and bowmakers that operated mainly in Markneukirchen, is huge, with dictionaries listing between 20 and 30 names. Not all these makers excelled to greatness, but one stands out for the exceptional quality of his bows - Adolf Curt Schuster (1890-1947). (Adolf is spelt with an f).

This bow is by Adolf C. Schuster. He early on recognised the merits of French bows and spent his entire life studying and emulating the work of particularly Voirin and Tubbs. There is very little about his work that is German and in many ways he is more "un-German" than his better French counterparts. Playing with an Adolf C. Schuster bow is similar to playing with a Tubbs, the properties of which he copied with an extraordinary degree of success - they have the same light suppleness that is so sought after and appreciated in good French bows, yet with just the right degree of firmness and balance not to detract from the suppleness but yet which gives more direct control over the string without becoming hard or weighty. In my own experience I found that the A C Schusters I have used in fact at times superseded the Tubbs bows I have tried in their control, balance and general response to what the player intends and asks for. These are excellent bows.

This bow has been well used and was recently completely cleaned up and serviced by Svend Christensen. The nut is original, bearing the maker's brand on the flank. It is free from cracks, but has a minor repair to the top of the tip ridge, which poses not structural threat.

This bow, although light, has excellent playing properties which have been positively commented on all who have tried it.

Weight :
  58 g

The Stick :
  Octagonal, light brown pernambuco.

The Nut :
  Plain ebony, no eye. Stamped with the maker's crest on the left flank. Nice mother-of-pearl slide.

Mountings :

Wrapping :
  Copper wrapping (unusual but attractive). Brown leather thumbpad.

Tip Slide :
  Probably ivory

Condition :
  Good condition. Some character marks due to much use. A superficial minor repair done to the top of the tip ridge - no structural threat. This bow was fully restored by Svend Christensen. The frog is original and free from cracks.

Provenance :

Price : R14 000
About US$ 2 000
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